Junior Provincial Team Members 2017


Nick Edmunds

Remi Fournier

Leyton Gouldie

Addison Harrington

Asher Harrington

Brendan Kowalchuk


Evan Pritchard

Junior National Results 2017


Qualifications & Requirements


Each year Racquetball Manitoba will support the following to attend the Canadian Junior Racquetball Championships:

1.     Junior Team

2.     Elite Junior Team

Team Composition

Junior Team 

The Junior team will consist of any junior who meets the qualifications (listed below) and will attend the Canadian Junior Racquetball Championships.

Elite Junior Team

The Elite Junior team will consist of a maximum of two males and two females in 14, 16 and 18 & under age categories that meet the qualifications (listed below) and will attend the Canadian Junior Racquetball Championships.

Qualified Elite Team members will compete in their age group in singles and together in doubles.

Junior Team Qualifications

a. Be a member in good standing of Racquetball Manitoba.

b. Participate in a Racquetball Manitoba Junior Program – Mandatory Winter Session (January to March).
c. Participate in (2) two Racquetball Manitoba sanctioned tournaments.  If region does not offer 2 tournaments requirement will be lowered to 1 tournament.
d. Participate in the Manitoba Junior Racquetball Championships in own age category.

Elite Junior Team Qualifications

a. Meet all Junior Team Qualifications (as above).

b. Participate in Saturday league / match play.
c. Participate in weekly off court training session if available. (January to March).
d. Miss no more than 6 on or off court training sessions (January to March).
e. Compete in the Manitoba Junior Racquetball Championships.
f. Finish 1st or 2nd in singles age division (3rd place finisher will be offered an Elite Team position if an eligible player is unable to attend).




Junior Team Support:


a. Optional access to Elite Junior Provincial Team training.

b. Funding to cover cost of 1st division registration fee.

c. Team uniform.

d. Coaching when possible at the Junior Nationals (priority to will go to Elite Team Members).


Elite Junior Team Support:

a. Junior Provincial Team training as coordinated by the head coach.

b. $500 to cover travel expenses (flights, hotels, mileage).

c. Funding to cover cost of full registration fee.

d. Team uniform.

e. Coaching at the Junior Nationals.


All qualifying athletes will be contacted by the Executive Director, confirming the Associations sponsorship, the funding amounts available and any conditions to be met.


All funds allocated to athletes on the Junior Provincial Teams shall be used for travel expenses, accommodation expenses, entry fees and/or meal expenses. All athletes shall provide receipts for the expenses incurred.


No funds will be released to athletes until receipts are provided for expenses and full participation in the Canadian Junior Racquetball Championships is confirmed by the head coach.

Funding amounts subject to change based on Sport Manitoba support.


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