Racquetball Canada Launches Verified Club Program

Racquetball Canada is excited to launch the Verified Club Program. The program is available to all clubs, facilities, associations, community groups and organized racquetball groups and offers many benefits for those organizations who become verified. This new initiative has the potential to change the future of the sport in Canada.

Integrating critical elements of coaching, Safe Sport and organizational leadership, the verification program helps foster a culture that prioritizes a welcoming, safe and developmentally appropriate environment for all.

Racquetball Canada’s vision is to “Fully Utilize Canada’s courts with racquetball players”. The verification program supports this vision by creating a unified system and setting standards for delivering programs. This structure helps build new programs, improve existing ones, and boost participation in the sport.

The program’s three levels offer flexibility, accommodating organizations at different stages of capacity building. The criteria range from minimum standards for an effective organization (3-star) to the standards of a well-developed organization (5-star), which we hope all organizations will strive to achieve.

The window for applications opens on June 15 with the launch of the program. The first intake of applications closes on July 15, with the second closing December 1 annually. New Verified Clubs will be announced on August 15 and January 15. There is no cost for organizations to submit an application to Racquetball Canada.

Visit the Verified Club Program page on Racquetball Canada’s website for complete information about requirements, resources and details on how to apply.